I’m so happy for you, Kristy!

I’ve been finding inspiration in my daughter. Also, in the need to get out of current situations. I’m reading an advance copy of Chuck Wendig’s new book and, like King, his work makes me want to write.

The stress is mounting and I feel like my general disposition from the nightmare of the last few years is making me an island that no one wants to traverse. I’m trying, but it’s hard.

Anyway, I really am thrilled for you! Wishing you continued success!

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That is amazing news about your book. So, so cool! I am also enjoying yoga. We have had a beautiful summer but have gotten some smoke so I’m forced to figure things out indoors for a few days which is a challenge for me. I’m hoping my daughter and I can watch some movies today. She says Tim Burton. It’s good to see your post again. Good luck in the return this week. I gave you a shout out in my Sunday post- I wrote about gardening this week. https://pocketfulofprose.substack.com/p/enough-is-enough

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